Using String array constants to create Enums quickly, and other uses

The most common use cases for an enum are:
- Keys and associated non-string values
- Keys, and string values that match the keys

Now, don’t read this wrong. I just don’t want to replicate everything that is written…

When I started my journey with NodeJS and ExpressJS, one of the things I saw in the trainings and blogs were instructions on installing NodeJS runtime. …

Multiplatform (iOS/Android/MacOS/Windows) Applications in 2021

Multi Platform Applications are a norm now

If you are one of the “Write Once Run Anywhere” advocates, here is my analysis of where the Mobile/Desktop application world is going.

The world is getting divided again. The groups this time: dotNet(MS), FB/MS and Google/JetBrains.

Here is what is happening. The desktop and…

Continuing from the previous post where we setup a docker-compose file, in this part, we will connect to the environment and do some development.

Remember that just deployed a docker-compose based environment with no code, just a volume, in it.


  • VS Code installed on your machine
  • Remote Containers extension…

Recently, I have been experimenting with moving my development environment to a Dockerized version, so that I can move it closer to production. In an effort to get there, I converted my personal project ( ) to a docker-compose based setup using Java 15. …

ETFs and Index Funds for India

One investment strategy proposed in a podcast I was listening to recently, for people who don’t want to make a very complex portfolio of mutual fund investments, is split your equity investments 50:50 between Nifty 50 and the Nifty Next 50. That way you get a full cover on the large and mid caps. That should cover most liquid stocks.

If you want details on the places where you can invest that, there are two options:

  1. Buy / SIP into Index funds
  2. 2. Buy into ETFs.

Here is a list of the funds, their expense ratios and tracking errors, created and maintained by someone passionate (@indiaEtfs on Twitter )

Tax saving starts at the beginning of the year

Plan for tax saving under 80C ( 1.5 lac ) starting April and not in the last few months. That way you take advantage of running a SIP plus tax saving.

If you do not have anything else (PPF, PF, NPS, Life Insurance) then you can SIP for up to ₹12500 every month. Much easier than doing ₹1,50,000 in the last 2 months, right ?

Plus, you can plan your asset allocation. Eg. you can do ₹2,500 in PPF and ₹10,000 in ELSS ( equity ).

Finance documents accessible to loved ones

You keep your personal finance documents, all organised, in your email.

Question for you: Will your spouse, who does not look at this information regularly, be able to find the account numbers and the balances when you are not accessible?

“Why would I be…

How I want my bank to use technology

I have recently been looking for a bank or multiple institutes that work together such that handling money is seemless for then on-tech savvy individual (the common man, if I am allowed to use this term), rather than make it feel complex…

Why am I here ? Given the infinite number of blogs, publications and companies offering information on personal finance, why start a new one.

For one, I love sharing my knowledge, specially on topics I am passionate about. …

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Freelancer,Tech Veteran (Generalist, Polyglot, Backend/Frontend/Distributed). Celebrating 35 yrs of coding, 23 yrs in industry. Java, Javascript, Typescript.

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